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Adhara is a full-service research agency that lets you feel reality, working with you to provide inspiring solutions. Solutions based on innovative methodologies and strategies born out of co-creation.

A team of outstanding professionals working for you since 2007, driven by an innovative spirit, the passion for discovery, and commitment to a job well done.

My career in market research began in 1994 in Delta Marketing Research. Since then, thanks to my day-to-day experiences and the contact I’ve had with all kinds of people and sector professionals, I’ve learned to enjoy this profession (as much as anyone can enjoy a job, of course!).

During this long experience, I’ve worked in diverse consumer areas (food, drink, services, education, telephony, automotive …) and especially in healthcare. My practical nature, curiosity about learning and understanding, and ability to make people feel at ease when working with me, are qualities that have helped me identify what drives and inspires each brand’s consumers, enabling me to meet the final client’s needs.

This is my reality, but I’m sure all of us are aware of the value of listening and speaking directly to our consumers, sharing their experiences, understanding their emotions, and feeling this firsthand at every stage of a brand’s or product’s lifespan. For me, that’s the true value of research, and what really defines it. Something that, ultimately and fortunately, our profession has taught us all.

Eduardo Ortiz Porris. Degree in Political Science and Sociology.

I’ve been enjoying qualitative research for 15 years now, mainly in the consumer, automotive, telecommunications and trend areas. I decided to study psychology in an effort to understand people’s behaviour and emotions more, something that’s essential for understanding myself a little better.

I didn’t know what market research was until the end of my degree course. And up to then I always thought I’d make a U-turn in my life and end up as an actor or filmmaker. Why didn’t I do that? Perhaps because I realised that the two worlds weren’t so different to each other.

Almost 30 years in R&D providing innovative products in sectors such as telecommunications, IT, Industry, Transport, Logistics, Marketing, Psychology, University and Defense. In the last six years I am fully engaged in developing new products for the Neuromarketing world. In addition, I teach Neuromarketing at the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja master.

My dual training in Engineering and Psychology gives me a different view of Neuromarketing allowing me to propose “special” and “Innovative” solution approaches from both points of view: technological and strategic.My dual training in Engineering and Psychology gives me a different view of Neuromarketing allowing me to propose “special” and “Innovative” solution approaches from both points of view: technological and strategic.

Jesús Pérez. Clinical Psychologist and Industrial Engineer

Both studying sociology and my research work have enabled me to understand that society consists of each one of us.

We’re a story that narrates and directly affects the social reality. We’re builders of realities, both offline and on the Web, especially those of us who are digital natives.

I’m passionate about how the Internet is accelerating change in society and how brands are actively working to be part of it. That’s why I particularly enjoy working with the online communities we devise in Adhara in order to feel the vibrant pulse of the brand-consumer relationship.

Thanks to my work in online communities and the other qualitative methodologies, I’ve been able to explore people’s personal views, and observe their behaviour, emotions and desires. And that’s something I find enormously rewarding as a recent sociology graduate.

Bárbara Fernández. Sociology Graduate.

Team Adhara

For Adhara, people are the most important thing. Professionals with different backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise, at your service to work as a single team.


Eduardo Ortiz

Assosciate Director


Óscar Sánchez

Assosciate Director

Jesús Pérez

Neuromarketing Expert


Bárbara Fernández.

Project Coordinator

Expert Colaborators:

Working together with other professionals has always been the bedrock of our research, which we view as a way of opening ourselves up to inspiration.

For this reason, we consider all professionals with experience in different disciplines to be part our team, in order to enrich each survey: neuropsychologists, semantic analysis experts, anthropologists, marketing directors, copywriters, cool-hunters, doctors, designers, etc.

Social Media Listening.


David Serrador and Antonio Matos

Experts in the design of research models based on Social Media Listening .

Análisis cuantitativos

Fernando Padilla

Expert in cluster analysis , conjoint analysis and other advanced quantitative techniques.

B2B Marketing

nuria soler

Nuria Soler

Expert in marketing and communication in the industrial sector. Specialist in branding, digital marketing and content marketing solutions.

Illustration and infographics


Andrés Molina

Creative director and expert in digital ilustration



Lucía Grasa

Over 10 years’ experience working for major clients in international agencies. Editor, copywriter, storyteller and dreamer.

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