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We do a lot of things, the main one being, solving our clients’ needs.

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Embracing reality

Our goal is not only to take a photo, but also to understand and feel the transformation and dynamics of change.

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 For consumers, the current consumption scenario demands a high degree of flexibility and continual rethinking of their relationship with brands.

Big data, Big whys

We propose qualitative, quantitative and advanced semantic analysis tools to gain an overall understanding of the current reality.

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Big data provides information on the what, but it’s increasingly necessary to understand and feel the why.


Shinning words

Our extensive experience enables us to go beyond the obvious, listening and asking powerful questions that open the way up to new solutions.

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Inspiring is the art of finding valuable insights in consumers’ discourse and experiences, allowing us to build new relationships with our consumers.


From the brand’s dictatorship to the consumer’s republic  

Brand growth has to accept the consumer’s new role. A consumer who can, wants and demands to be actively involved in product and service development.

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 At Adhara, we understand and translate reality through direct immersion, and turn it into strategic evolution for driving brand growth.


Three ideas: feeling, inspiring and growing, which run through our approach to all the surveys we carry out:


  • Concept analysis
    and building
  • Communication pre-testing
    and post-testing
  • Brand Equity and Positioning
  • Shopper and mystery shopping
  • Working environment surveys
  • Logo and packaging tests
  • Product testing
  • Trendspotting
  • Defining emerging
    target groups
  • U&A
  • Segmentation
  • Corporate reputation
  • Pricing
  • Creative and prospective surveys
  • Client satisfaction
    and quality surveys
  • Car-clinics
  • Ethnographic surveys
  • In-company workshops
  • Website usability
  • Brand barometer


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