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Qualitative, quantitative…,
…neuroresearch, semantic analysis,…
…and much more
And we do all of this through…


We approach consumers in their natural environment.

We use the actual context in which decisions are made to obtain “vivid” and totally realistic responses.

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 Home, bar, street cafe, shop, street … are the places where we like consumers to discuss brands, since it’s where they actually interact with them.

Video-ethnographics, n situ focus groups and interviews, intercepts,interviews.


We master the medium to reach the target.

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Each medium has its own target group. That’s why we include social tools enabling us to have continuous communication with the consumer.  Through them, we can take a look at content that’s personal and relevant, both for brands and consumers.

We use mobile phones, social networks and communities as tools enabling us to be there at the exact moment when things are happening.

Netnografy, communities, whatsapp, mobile research,…




We introduce gamification techniques to increase consumer and client involvement.
Quick dating. separador

We analyse unconscious behaviour and discourse in social networks

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I order to discover unconscious feelings and reactions, we apply neuromarketing tools.

In addition, in our projects we include eye-tracking, emotion analysis and semantic analysis to enrich findings.

We integrate video reporting and infographics

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Video reporting is the most direct way of showing our clients the consumer’s experiences and life events.

And we use infographics as a concise method for sharing knowledge within the organisation.



We propose more active involvement with the figures involved in each project

From consumers to collaborators. We not only ask them for their opinions, but engage them in designing solutions, recognising their leading role. Isn’t collaborative intelligence great?

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 We involve our clients in the process in a real way. We achieve this by using methodologies that bring them closer to consumers, enabling them to participate and include new questions in the process.


Internal decision-making workshops in each project.

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With everyone’s interaction throughout the whole process, the result is richer, more creative and more satisfying.

Internal workshops speed-up the process and make decision- making more free-flowing. The project wraps up with a final definition of the direction and following steps to be taken.


Models & tools

Safaris and home visits

We want to take you with us into the consumers’ natural environment and break down the barriers between brand departments and their target groups. Experiencing your target consumer’s reality firsthand.


Brand barometer

A team of “stakeholder advisers” for the brand. You’ll get firsthand information from the arena our brand-product is performing in, on a local and national level.


Video ethnographics

Living consumers’ reality in their natural environment through audiovisual storytelling. A point of inspiration for commencing work in the areas of communication, product development, brand equity, etc.

Social net radar

Understanding what’s being said in internet by analysing the conversations taking place in social networks, forums and blogs, using the most advanced software for semantic analysis.

Speed and go

Our qualitative proposal for responding in record time to unforeseen needs– those that appear when you least expect it. We speed up the whole process with no loss in quality.


Quick dating

Can you imagine speed dating with your consumers? We love setting up dates with them as a first step in a brand/business area reflection workshop.

Design thinking concept

Integrating illustrators and/or copywriters to help develop and refine research materials. A new path that enriches and invigorates research material development.

Reflection workshops

Dynamics with the product team. The goal: to be a well-informed and aligned team with the aim of optimising product strategy.


Confrontation groups

Separate meetings with consumers of rival brands, who subsequently come together in the same group dynamics. Gaining information about your brand’s and your competitors’ consumers. Confrontation when each consumer lays their most intense experiences on the table: your fans and your rivals.


Creative dynamics

We integrate creative and co-working tools applied to different stakeholders, to meet and develop marketing objectives. “Out of the box” approaches that provide insight into the reality from different viewpoints. Going beyond the obvious.


Online communities

Online communities represent a new and needed way of giving consumers a voice. We offer you the online community that best suits your needs, adapting ourselves to the most natural medium for each target group.

Video reporting

Audiovisual reports with our research’s leading players; collecting key insights through a video that’s impactful and shareable within your organisation.



Web 2.0 offers us endless possibilities for tracking trends that are important for your market. We offer our experience in monitoring influencers in Twitter, Icoolhunt or Topsy, and transfer these trends onto your market.

Start-Up Launcher

At Adhara we particularly enjoy supporting startups. Through netnography, the study of quantitative secondary sources and micro-focus groups, we find business opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to develop your full potential.

Car clinic

Our experience developing and analysing static and dynamic car clinics, along with the use of POV video reports, enables us to relay the most important findings to the marketing and sales team- maximising a model’s commercial success.


Safari car

Ethnography applied to the automotive world. We leave our offices to accompany our potential consumers in their day-to-day experiences.

On-the-go shopper

It’s true- most retail shopping decisions are made in front of the shelves. It’s the moment of truth, and at Adhara we know how to capture the most relevant insights with natural proposals that remove researcher bias: POV videos, retro-interviews … are at your fingertips.

A-Z innovation progress

We guide you through the process of developing products or services, from start to finish. Identifying trends, defining territories, banking on a USP… A single multidisciplinary research team for developing innovation processes from A to Z.

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