Who we are

ADHARA HEALTHCARE is made up of a team of EXPERIENCED market researchers, with over 15 years’ experience on average.

We combine the team’s experience…with youth. We like “methodological freshness”. Because the current reality is showing us a change in society’s forms and means of relationship and communication. And if this is the case, shouldn’t we implement techniques and methodologies in line with these new forms of communication and relationship?

Oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology, clinical pharmacology,
nursing, obstetrics, gynaecology, geriatrics, haematology, urology,
internal medicine, pediatry, psychiatry, family medicine,
alergology, pulmonology, neurology, cardiology, vascular surgery
vascular surgery, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery,,
traumatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery…


Where we´re from

Extensive background

Adhara members hail from leading healthcare research institutes, in the highest-ranking positions.

Specialiced team

We’ve worked continuously with the major pharmaceutical companies, in multiple disease areas and specialities.Hemos trabajado con los principales laboratorios farmacéuticos de forma continua, para múltiples patologías y especialidades.

From physician-centric to multi-centric

We’ve in-depth knowledge of how the pharmaceutical market has evolved, which enables us, for example, to detect how the forms of relationship have changed. And in particular, how the influence of the various players involved in a brand’s decision-making has changed: we’ve gone from “physician-centric” to “multi-centric” (pharmacists, patients, doctors, management…)



How we work

Our capacity for analysis differentiates us

At Adhara, we like to stay close to our clients, exploring and understanding their needs. And being demanding on ourselves to find the key insights solving a specific problem.

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 Analysis is our way of life; turning what we see and what we hear into in-depth, actionable analysis, with relevant and differentiating insights…

We know how to share information

We feel that a results report is not just a presentation- we need to provide concise and well-organised information that can be shared with the product team.

Operational answers and strategic thinking

We turn our consumers’ inputs into operational outputs for the brand we’re working for: transforming what they tell us, what they feel and what we see into product strategies aimed at commercial success.


What we had

Success lies in integration

The current situation calls for the various players to take an active role in research, breaking down barriers and interrelating the different agents.

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If you want to understand the market you’re operating in, you need to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. All of this leads us to proposing methods integrating the physician-patient-agency-pharmaceutical company.

New research tools

It’s no use having a young team … if your ideas and methods aren’t. What’s needed are new avenues of research, methods in line with the current times, expanding the classical blueprint for research.

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Qualitative online, reflection workshops, dynamics shared between target groups, confrontation groups, patient journey, WhatsApp research, social network surveys…
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