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Adhara is a full-service research agency that lets you feel reality, working with you to provide inspiring solutions. Solutions based on innovative methodologies and strategies born out of co-creation.

A team of outstanding professionals working for you since 2007, driven by an innovative spirit, the passion for discovery, and commitment to a job well done.

20 years in market research go a long way: pre-tests, concepts, packs, brand analysis, conventional surveys and other less conventional ones (which are the ones I’ve liked the most)…such as analysing detergents in Cuba or antibiotics for bulls. But above all they’ve provided me with story-telling material. Just as well I started really young!

My origins are qualitative, especially in consumer and pharma. But the market calls the shots, and I now focus primarily on telecommunications, consumer products and the automotive industry, both internationally and in Spain.

I decided to study psychology by chance (I have the soul of an engineer), but in the end, destiny places you where you belong, and so psychology chose me. The only things I like about being in research are working together with brands, learning about products in-depth, honest contact with clients, sharing ideas and providing solutions, working again and again with people I like… Come to think of it, the only thing I really like is… EVERYTHING.

To be honest I’d work from 9 to 5… But I think research is persistent- I’m still in it because it won’t let ME go.

Jerónimo Sánchez. Degree in Psychology.

There are experiences that leave a mark, that change our mind-set, and the way we understand the society we live in… For me studying Sociology and working in market research are two of those experiences.

In a world dominated by productivity and profit making, it is essential for companies to understand their customers’ satisfaction.

The process followed in a market research study in order to meet the company objectives set by companies, helping them become more competitive and benefit their customers fascinates me. In addition, together with Sociology, I can gain a more human view of the market, where society decides to a larger or lesser extent the success or failure of a company. This is the view I would like to keep striving for and developing in Adhara.

Sara Rodríguez. Degree in Sociology and Master in market research

My career in market research began in 1994 in Delta Marketing Research. Since then, thanks to my day-to-day experiences and the contact I’ve had with all kinds of people and sector professionals, I’ve learned to enjoy this profession (as much as anyone can enjoy a job, of course!).

During this long experience, I’ve worked in diverse consumer areas (food, drink, services, education, telephony, automotive …) and especially in healthcare. My practical nature, curiosity about learning and understanding, and ability to make people feel at ease when working with me, are qualities that have helped me identify what drives and inspires each brand’s consumers, enabling me to meet the final client’s needs.

This is my reality, but I’m sure all of us are aware of the value of listening and speaking directly to our consumers, sharing their experiences, understanding their emotions, and feeling this firsthand at every stage of a brand’s or product’s lifespan. For me, that’s the true value of research, and what really defines it. Something that, ultimately and fortunately, our profession has taught us all.

Eduardo Ortiz Porris. Degree in Political Science and Sociology.

I’ve been enjoying qualitative research for 15 years now, mainly in the consumer, automotive, telecommunications and trend areas. I decided to study psychology in an effort to understand people’s behaviour and emotions more, something that’s essential for understanding myself a little better.

I didn’t know what market research was until the end of my degree course. And up to then I always thought I’d make a U-turn in my life and end up as an actor or filmmaker. Why didn’t I do that? Perhaps because I realised that the two worlds weren’t so different to each other.

I discovered my passion for economic studies, analytics, and market research through the world of engineering and my vocation for business studies over 25 years ago.

Throughout my professional career, I have managed multiple projects, where both innovation in the methodological planning for data collection, as well as the optimal technological application and exact statistical analysis have helped me get to the bottom of the objectives, and offer counselling of great added value in the fields of Marketing and Applied Sociology.

Rafael Malo de Molina is an Industrial Engineer from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales (ETSII) in Madrid, with an MBA from the Instituto de Empresas, with specialised studies in Customer Satisfaction Measurement de WalkerInformation (Indianapolis) and CSS from Cenim (Paris).

Both studying sociology and my research work have enabled me to understand that society consists of each one of us.

We’re a story that narrates and directly affects the social reality. We’re builders of realities, both offline and on the Web, especially those of us who are digital natives.

I’m passionate about how the Internet is accelerating change in society and how brands are actively working to be part of it. That’s why I particularly enjoy working with the online communities we devise in Adhara in order to feel the vibrant pulse of the brand-consumer relationship.

Thanks to my work in online communities and the other qualitative methodologies, I’ve been able to explore people’s personal views, and observe their behaviour, emotions and desires. And that’s something I find enormously rewarding as a recent sociology graduate.

Bárbara Fernández. Sociology Graduate.

Nearly 30 years in market research, especially in socio-economic and quantitative studies, can go a long way: they provide you a lot of criteria and a 360º view of the different sectors of economic activity. When embarking on a new project, your former experience always helps you create a better design and a more optimal interpretation of the results.

I am keen on innovation, neuromarketing, and the implementation of new technologies in the world of business. This has led me to the world of university. I teach at the Escuela Superior de Tecnología e Ingeniería de la Universidad Internacional from La Rioja, where I also teach in the Master Course of Neuromarketing, and lead a group that conducts research in the application of neuroscience in the world of business, particularly in the field of communication.

The philosophy of Adhara precisely consists in applying these new technologies with the aim to become a reference in market research in the XXI century.

Jesus Peran. He completed his degree in Neuromarketing and Neurostrategy (European Business School/Escuela Europea de Negocios), has a PhD from the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid, a Master in Economy and Business Management- IESE Business School, Senior Forestry Engineer.

Numbers have always formed part of our lives. From the moment we are born into this world until we leave it, they accompany us in our personal and professional life. Understanding numbers and their relationship with everything around us is essential and basic to be able to explain the changes that take place in a dynamic and complex reality.

I have embarked on that journey and constant change for over 20 years. I have witnessed first-hand the analogical-digital transformation. The current technological capacity has exponentially multiplied the possibilities of obtaining data. Nowadays, we have multiple tools to measure absolutely everything. The interaction and integration of multi-channel data collection methods is essential to achieve the most accurate snapshot, and offer added value in the market.

“Data mining” is immense and constantly growing. Knowing where and how to find the “treasure” of the information is my mission. You can find the best opportunities. You only need to know where to find them.

Miguel Rubiales. Licenced in Labour Relations (University of Carlos III, Madrid).

Responsible for Data Processing.

The world of consulting came to me without me even looking for it and this is how my professional journey began.

I first started in the field of consulting and external training, and then I went straight on to the market researchsector. Love at first sight exists!!

With over 17 years of experience and surrounded by excellent qualitative and quantitative expert technicians, I must admit that this sector has captivated me. In the end, when you are engaged in the process of making the right decisions and inspiring the success of your clients, you are also nearer and nearer to achieving your own success.

Elena Martin Chocano. She studied General Accounting from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Madrid and Senior Secretarial Management studies.

Responsible for Administration and Treasury.

Almost 30 years in R&D providing innovative products in sectors such as telecommunications, IT, Industry, Transport, Logistics, Marketing, Psychology, University and Defense. In the last six years I am fully engaged in developing new products for the Neuromarketing world. In addition, I teach Neuromarketing at the Universidad Internacional de la Rioja master.

My dual training in Engineering and Psychology gives me a different view of Neuromarketing allowing me to propose “special” and “Innovative” solution approaches from both points of view: technological and strategic.My dual training in Engineering and Psychology gives me a different view of Neuromarketing allowing me to propose “special” and “Innovative” solution approaches from both points of view: technological and strategic.

Jesús Pérez. Clinical Psychologist and Industrial Engineer

Team Adhara

For Adhara, people are the most important thing. Professionals with different backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise, at your service to work as a single team.


Jerónimo Sánchez

International Associate Director


Sara Rodríguez

Project Manager


Eduardo Ortiz

Assosciate Director


Óscar Sánchez

Assosciate Director


Rafael Malo

Associate Director


Bárbara Fernández.

Project Coordinator


Miguel Rubiales

Data Processing


Elena Martín



Jesús Pérez

Neuromarketing Expert

Expert Colaborators:

Working together with other professionals has always been the bedrock of our research, which we view as a way of opening ourselves up to inspiration.

For this reason, we consider all professionals with experience in different disciplines to be part our team, in order to enrich each survey: neuropsychologists, semantic analysis experts, anthropologists, marketing directors, copywriters, cool-hunters, doctors, designers, etc.

Social Media Listening.


David Serrador and Antonio Matos

Experts in the design of research models based on Social Media Listening .

Análisis cuantitativos

Fernando Padilla

Expert in cluster analysis , conjoint analysis and other advanced quantitative techniques.

B2B Marketing

nuria soler

Nuria Soler

Expert in marketing and communication in the industrial sector. Specialist in branding, digital marketing and content marketing solutions.

Illustration and infographics


Andrés Molina

Creative director and expert in digital ilustration



Lucía Grasa

Over 10 years’ experience working for major clients in international agencies. Editor, copywriter, storyteller and dreamer.

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